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Our New Home Warranty

When you purchase one of our finely-handcrafted new homes, you become part of the JordanBuilt family.  Family relationships are built on trust and integrity.  Our signature on the sales contract is your guarantee that we at JordanBuilt Homes value customer satisfaction.  We take pride in our long-standing partnerships with our sub-contractors and we hold them to a high standard.

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If you have an issue with a warrantied item, please complete the form below to make an online Warranty Service Request.

Prior to submitting a warranty request, please refer to your walk through documents, 3rd party inspector documents and warranty manual. You will need to include the page number of the warrantable item from the Homeowners Warranty Manual in your warranty request below.

Reminder: Damage caused by tropical storms and other weather events are not covered under new home warranties. If you've experienced damage due to weather, please contact your homeowner's insurance agent.


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