Easy Holiday Decorating

Published by JordanBuilt Homes

Easy Holiday Decorating

It’s time to make your new JordanBuilt home merry and bright for the holidays! Creating a festive and inviting space doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. We’ve rounded up some easy ideas to help fill your home with Christmas cheer without adding a long list of tasks to your to-do list!


Instead of decking out every inch of your home, try limiting your holiday decorating to a few key areas of the house that you see every day. Focus on common areas like the entryway, family room and dining room. Gathering all of the festivity together in a few prevalent areas can have a greater impact than spreading it around throughout the entire house. It will also help the decorating process feel less overwhelming!

Use gifts as décor

Choose coordinated wrapping paper colors, patterns, bows and adornments that compliment your tree. Wrap your gifts as soon as you get them instead of stashing them out of the way in a closet or under a bed. Place them under the tree as soon as possible and enjoy them throughout the season. Try wrapping a few coffee table books and even your family photos and wall art to expand this gifts-as-décor idea!


Lush greenery draped around windows, doorways, mantles and banisters takes care of a lot of undecorated space and looks charming in any style home. It’s difficult to over-do it on this classic winter decoration. Add some flair by weaving in pinecones, ribbon, white lights or bright seasonal berries. You can even purchase pre-lit garland as a more convenient option!

Use what you have

Take a quick inventory of the decorations you have in storage along with the items you already have around the house. It is surprisingly simple to add elegant touches to your home by placing ornaments and candles in clear vases and bowls. Pinterest is full of easy ways to create a gorgeous presentation! For a stunning look, collect all of your votive candle holders and line them up on a bed of holiday greenery or tree branches on the mantle or as a runner for the dining room table.

We hope these tips help fill your holiday with special memories. If a new construction home is on your Christmas list, take a look at our new home communities in Raleigh, Durham, Rolesville and Wake Forest.

All of us at Jordanbuilt Homes wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!