Trend Alert: Everything You Need to Know About Removable Wallpaper!

Published by JordanBuilt Homes

Trend Alert:  Everything You Need to Know About Removable Wallpaper!

Removable wallpaper has emerged as a popular 2018 home design trend and we want to give you some pointers before you dive in! This design element is great for homeowners who want to give their new home more of a spruce than just changing out accent pillows and window treatments, but don’t want to go so far as to wallpaper an entire room. Removable wallpaper can be a fun, easy tool to showcase your personality in your home, but there are a few guidelines and tips you should consider before you get started:

  1. The Why Behind the Wallpaper:  What is your purpose in installing removable wallpaper? What is the feeling/atmosphere you are hoping to create with it?  Big, bold geometrics can give off major mid-century modern vibes while beautiful tropical leaves make you feel like you’re in a tropical resort! Both of those are fantastic moods and settings, but just make sure you know exactly what you want before you start.
  2. Round-Up on Your Measurements- In this case, more is more! You don’t want to come up short on square footage of your wallpaper when it comes time for install!
  3. Ensure You Have a Clean, Clear Surface- It may seem elementary, but having clean walls is a must before you install removable wallpaper. This will reduce the amount of bubbles, unevenness, or adhesive issues you may run into! Also, be sure to remove electric switch faceplates before beginning.
  4. Plot Out Seams (Where Wallpaper Will Meet Up)- It is so crucial to plan out where the seams of the removable wallpaper are going to meet up before you get going.   If you don’t do this, it is quite likely that your pattern will be misaligned!
  5. Use A Sharpe Knife or Scissors- Clean, uniform edges will make your DIY removable wallpaper job look like it was done by a professional! Ensuring your cutting instruments are sharpened is an easy way to accomplish this look.
  6. Don’t Worry If There Are Some Bubbles- It’s going to be pretty difficult to make it through this project with zero bubbles. Give yourself a little bit of grace in this area beforehand so you don’t set too unrealistic expectations on yourself. The beauty of removable wallpaper is just that- it’s removable! So, you can always start over!

Feeling inspired to start a removable wallpaper DIY project? Let us know which patterns and styles you love! If you’re in the market for a beautiful new home in a fantastic new home community near Wake Forest, NC, then look no further! We’d love to talk to you about your dream home.