10 Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Published by JordanBuilt Homes

10 Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just a day away, but it’s not too late to plan a fun and romantic evening with your person!  If staying in is you and your S.O.’s desire, here are ten creative ideas for a date night at home:

  1. Have a chocolate tasting night.  The supplies for this date night idea are simple!  Pick up several different varieties of chocolate and check out these free printable score cards if you want to get super technical about the tasting!  Compare notes with your partner to see which chocolates you both prefer.
  2. Make everything you eat heart shaped.  From pizza to pancakes to cinnamon rolls, make it a goal to make and eat only heart-shaped foods for Valentine’s Day dinner!  If you’re wanting to stay on the healthy end of the spectrum, try cutting veggies into heart shapes for salads or sautéing!

3.Make breakfast for dinner in bed.  Combine two of breakfast’s best ideas-breakfast for dinner and breakfast in bed-for the ultimate date night experience!  Serve up mimosas, your favorite egg dishes, and sweet pastries.

4.Have a living room camp-out.  Break out the air mattresses, all the cozy blankets you can find, and settle in for a living room camp-out!  Make oven smores and cuddle up near the fireplace.

5.Have a theme night.  Want to relive the 90s, throw a masquerade, or pretend your Queen Victoria and Prince Albert?  Go for it!  Pick a fun theme for you and your partner and base everything around it!

6.Have a vinyl listening party.  Or, if you don’t have a record player, create a playlist of your favorite songs.  Take turns telling stories or memories about your song selections and learn more about your partner in the process.

7.Take a bubble bath.  And not just any bubble bath!  Add fun bath bombs, bath salts, or bath oils for an extra special evening.  Keep the bubble theme going by having a bottle of champagne!

8.Have a vacation/bucket list planning party.  What could be a better way to spend an evening than sharing your bucket list ideas and vacation dreams with your S.O.?  Pick your top destinations together and make plans to go there.

9.Write out (or record) the telling of your love story.  Tell the story from each of your perspectives, then come together to talk about it and ask each other questions!  If you have kids, they’ll thank you in the future!

10.Have a movie marathon.  Pick a movie series that neither of you have seen and start watching!  Make movie theater-style popcorn and have all of your favorite theater treats.

Which of these ideas do you fancy?  We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day celebrating those you love!  If you’re looking to fall in love with a new home in Raleigh, NC, check out our beautiful new home communities in the Triangle.