Outdoor Living Tips

Published by JordanBuilt Homes

Outdoor Living Tips

Summer is almost in full swing in the Triangle, and soon most everyone will be going outside to enjoy the nice warm summer weather. And what better way to enjoy this summer than in great outdoor living space as a part of your new Jordan Built home? Here are some ideas for creating the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family this summer season.

Add a Roof

Adding a roof over your outdoor living space provides a number of different advantages. On hot North Carolina days, you have plenty of shade to keep you cool. On rainy days, you can still enjoy the outdoors without needing protection. An outdoor roof will extend the amount time you, your family, and your guests can spend outside. If a roof is installed, you can then move on to add ceiling fans and recessed lights to make your outdoor living space even better.

Light it up 

Outdoor lighting will make your outdoor living space more efficient and cozy. New technology makes it even easier to install lighting outside. Outdoor lighting allows you to stay outside later, creates a better atmosphere, and also can act as a safety feature. Consider LED lighting for your outdoor living area. It gives a truer color, has longer lasting bulbs, and saves electricity for a more sustainable living space. LED light fixtures are available in landscape lighting, as well as masonry, deck and patio applications. LED lighting will go perfectly in your new outdoor living space this summer.

Install Appliances

An outdoor barbecue is the very basis of entertaining during the summer. The current trend is installing entire outdoor kitchens, complete with refrigerators, sinks, ice machines, beer taps, and even barbecues and pizza ovens. A kitchen in your outdoor living space with maximize your entertaining possibilities, as well as give you more comfort outdoors. Enjoy a whole lot more time outside this summer by giving your home the perfect outdoor living space addition that the whole family can use.

Outdoor Technology

There is no doubt that technology is beginning to head outdoors. Integrating Wi-Fi outdoors as well as controls in your outdoor audio-video system will let you enjoy your technological devices without having to go inside to control them. There are outdoor lighting systems, fire place features, as well as water features that can be controlled by a smart phone with simply the opening of an app. Take advantage of the new technological advancements and make your outdoor living space modern and efficient!

Outdoor living spaces are a huge trend and will look great along side any Jordan Built Home. Use these tips to make your outdoor living space spectacular this summer!